How The Young Are Taught The True Celebratory Holiday


January 25, 2015

Sunday January 18: Seahawks vs. Green Bay
Morning, eleven thirty, driving through town.
Oddly few cars on the road.
Everyone must be with family and friends.
Waiting for the game to begin.

Businesses are closed.
Except for the grocery store, the new Buffalo Wings,
the new Dave’s BBQ,
and McDonalds

Monday January 19: Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
Morning, eleven thirty, marching through town.
Lanes filled with cars.
Folk are walking, eating, working, most everywhere
But in the march.

Businesses are open.
Employees work, many at minimum wage.
Little profit in celebrating voting, housing, civil rights.
My mocking subconscious—white owned.

[Watercolor: Tobacco Barn Workers by Jack Lewis]

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