A Statement of Tears

In his Forward of the book Claiming Two-Spirits, Raven Heavy Runner speaks of his grandmother’s wisdom.  “Be mindful of how you talk as you have the power to hurt or heal one another.”  In speaking her words Heavy Runner’s grandmother becomes an elder to whom we should listen. I, along with many others, grieve on this day.  Grieving for those who... Continue Reading →

Supreme Identity

A few days ago, on October 31, President Biden proclaimed and affirmed November as Native American Heritage Month and November 25 as Native American Heritage Day.  All fine and good, however, we do well to recognize political proclamations makes about as much change in national structure as spitting chaw into the Columbia River—it has an impact,... Continue Reading →

Off by One

My count was off by one.  Here it was the first day of the year and I had lost a cow.  The night of solstice had been long, but well worth it.  Some time ago we had let the calendared new year go in favor of what is natural to our place.  The evening lacked... Continue Reading →

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