Football Friends


February 3, 2013

The Super Bowl matters to me. I’m not a great football fan–I’m an okay fan. However, the 49’s mattered to Mort, a friend who died years ago. Football also mattered to another friend, Fred. Fred, a Ram’s fan, also died years ago. Now Fred and Mort were friends who, in good nature fashion, went round and round about who was the better team, 49’s or Rams. I think though, Fred would have joined Mort as a 49’s fan when the Ram’s left LA.

So, today matters. For while I may not be the best of football fans, I am of Mort and Fred who knew how to create community around a game. I miss them. So, as I watch the Super Bowl with family, I intend to listen closely. Perhaps,I will hear a bit of sniping and laughter of two friends who are sure to be in the room.

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