Emmer, Camelina, and Hard Red Spring Wheat

March 22, 2010

This last week, Eric and I had the opportunity to get up to Quincy, WA and pick up Emmer and Camelina seed.  The search for this seed has gone on all winter long.  Finally, after many emails and phone calls, Eatwell Farm in Dixon, CA turned us on to Lentz Spelt Farm in Marlin, WA—just down the road you might say!  It took the better part of a day, but we came home with 120 lbs. of emmer and 2 lbs. of camelina seed—enough seed to plant a half an acre!

Emmer, an ancient grain, has its roots as an ancient grass.  Folks believe that as a wild grain, our ancestor may have consumed as long ago as 17,000 years.  Glutton free, emmer becomes a wheat-like flour that can be used for bread and pastries, though it preparation is different.

Camelina is also an ancient seed.  High in oil content, camelina has considerable levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.  This seed is used in salads, roasted, and as a binder for baking.

In addition to the emmer and camelina, we wanted enough Hard Red Spring Wheat to plant an acre.  We were able to get the Hard Red from Connel Grain in Toppenish.  Hard Red is traditional wheat, high in glutton, used for bread making.  With the Hard Red, Emmer, and Camelina, we will begin our learning curve in growing small-scale grains.

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