A Statement of Tears

In his Forward of the book Claiming Two-Spirits, Raven Heavy Runner speaks of his grandmother’s wisdom.  “Be mindful of how you talk as you have the power to hurt or heal one another.”  In speaking her words Heavy Runner’s grandmother becomes an elder to whom we should listen.

I, along with many others, grieve on this day.  Grieving for those who died in the wonderful landscape of Colorado Springs, at Club Q.  For all who suffered and died in this American landscape for being no more than their authentic selves.  For those who today exist in fear of living out their natural identity.  I have no words of comfort.  I struggle to find center.  I am lost along with so many others.

Yet, the landscape and their people call us to action.  To be mindful.  To listen.  To talk.  To act.  Our elders remind us we have the power to change ourselves, our neighbors, and our community.  We have within us the ability to heal.  The ancients invite us into liminal space where we can be ourselves, where we can become strong, where we can accept ourselves as people of silent and loud action.

As Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, they of Center for Indigenous Ministries ask those of quiet spirit to take a moment, become one with sunrise and sunset and pray to our ancestral people (of whom 5 of Club Q have joined) for guidance.  Pray for those of Club Q who have experienced additional unforgettable trauma.  Pray for LGBTQ2S+.  Pray for those who hate.  Pray for those who love.  Pray for creational non-human siblings who feel harmony’s loss and who in this moment are working for restoration.  Those of loud spirit, talk.  Talk to those who are untalkable for our LGBTQ2S+ siblings.  Speak for change.  For love.  For harmony.  For justice.  Bring forth creations voice to heal the heartbroken, expose the hidden, lift those made low by hate.

Elders ask us to be our created self.  Creation asks us to claim our natural and native identity.  As quiet and loud spirits, we have the ability to heal.  Let us become healers, erasers of hate, lovers of Creation.  Let us look to our interior, recognize our gift, and do what is natural: Invite bliss into lives experiencing hurt and fear.  Heal.  Heal.  Heal.

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