Honor and Our Veterans

For some time folk have worked hard to change how we think as community.  To move from Columbus Day to Indigenous Day is an example.  Reframing our worldview though is to change core celebrations National structure knows that if people think of familial celebrations as national then we will do most anything for the nation.

Today’s celebration of honor is one such holiday of nationalism.  One which we need to rethink across the non-Indigenous landscape. I am the first to honor my father, and his, and his, and his for what they did for the wellbeing of family.  Yet, in this landscape of North America, to give full honor is to honor all our siblings who fought for family and community.  So, in our conversations and actions, let us raise up all veterans who fought for the wellbeing of family: People of Sand Creek, Dakota 38 plus 2, Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph, Chief Kimiakin, and the thousands of Indigenous whom the US nation have encouraged us to forget.

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