Spring 2020

I step outside the back door with a cup of coffee.  It’s 5am and the dog needs letting out.  It’s March 20 and a moonless morning.  The air is as black as the sky.  Stars play games with one another to see who is the better showoff.  The tiniest beam and shout.  Big ones puff out six-pack chests.  In the silence of Spring’s first morning and the fifth day of doing my best to spend entire days at the farm, I relax within what I believe mystical.


  1. Good to see a post. Wondering how everyone there is doing. We are mostly staying away from others. Have taken more than one “disappointing” trip to the store to get John’s aunt some TP. Otherwise, Arkansas is showing signs for Spring. We are breaking the silences with Native songs and old-time hill music on You Tube every morning. Be blessed!


    1. Valley life is well. Spring afternoons are experiencing warmth. Not a lot but enough to start planting this years hay crop. And like everyone else in Washington, family time together is greater and closer. Thanks for asking!


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