Breakfast 19


Breakfast 19    1 single Pancake                       $1.69

Why the small s in single?  All the other words are capitalized.  Too many reasons come to mind.  The reservation adds a few more.  I wonder how many are racist thoughts of a white guy.  How are small s reservation victimization truths and genocidal realities?

Might small s speak of winter sunrise wonder and truth of red orange reflection off valley cloud belly’s?  Or the car I passed an hour ago whose morning driver weaved from lack of sleep or alcohol or meth?  Or rabbits who ran right, left, right, right in front of my pre-sunrise headlight glare?

I’m cheap.  I bought coffee an hour ago.  I’ve moseyed to the counter and asked for a refill three times.  The small s single pancake is the cheapest item on the menu—on the wall above the clerk’s head.  Does the small s receipt speak to too embarrassed to ask for another refill?  Or hunger.  Or the relishing of a sorta hot pancake with a smack in the middle non-melting hard butter square slathered in cold syrup as sun breaks the horizon on the other side of restaurant window?

I sit.  I wait.  On Breakfast 19.


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  1. My stepson waited for 45 minutes to get a second stack at Steak & Shake all you can eat pancakes day. Told they didn’t bring the second plate because “most people don’t want more. He told them when we came in be wanted a second stake. It took the manager’s ok to get his order. They gave him a free breakfast coupon, but he refused it saying their practices were unethical. We wondered why he was picked to other be served seconds while others were. His weight, complexion, his black hair cut short. ????’s abounded. He thought may be he was white guy in minority place??? Maybe they ran out of batter

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