Work’in On Labor Day

September 03, 2012

Working on the Bale Wagon today, Labor Day 2012.

Is it labor when one does the work they do most any day of the week and enjoys it?
Is one a workaholic when the line blurs between work and play, and their family, community, and spiritual life remain healthy?
What might our world look like if society supported every person to labor at the work they were created for—therefore loving the work they do—and therefore hardly able to term their labor as either work or play.

© David B. Bell 2012


    1. I believe it is complicated and a thousand steps are needed to create a path that allows people to become all they were intrinsically created to be. However, a first step is to help others believe they, themselves, have been uniquely created and their unique presence matters to all of creation. To believe such a reality is only attainable by also grasping this truth applies to every other person—including the yesterday’s ancestors, today’s folk, and the ancestors of tomorrow. Fully believed, means to honor ones uniquely created self is to also honor our neighbors uniquely created self. Such honor means each and every person supports the work and play of their neighbor—and in such a reality, our own work and play is supported by our neighbors.

      Much, much more thinking, writing, and conversation needed…


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