Life Begins After Fire: An Opportunity to Help

August 23, 2012

As we watch fires around the country yanking folks lives apart and taking out family homes, it is good to take a moment and remember prayers are needed now and physical help is needed in the months and years ahead.

In February 2011 a windstorm and fire destroyed homes in White Swan.  Families became homeless.  It has taken time, but money for rebuilding the home of a single father and daughter has been raised and construction is under way.

Fires remind us we have an extended family, members who we never knew before, a family who is made up of both fire victims and volunteers.  If you are interested in helping rebuild a home for a father and daughter, join us Labor Day weekend.  We expect to put up siding, roofing, and maybe get some painting done.  It will probably winter over in that state, so there will be opportunities to help again during 2013 spring break and 2013 summer if you like!  Get in touch if this opportunity interests you, your family, and/or your friends!

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