A Future in Clay

July 21, 2012

My Future changes just a bit during the summer.  Throughout the school year My Future is an extended learning time for middle and high school students.  During the summer, though it becomes an extended learning center for pre-school to sixth grade students.  Middle school students become mentors and high school (and high-school graduate) students become staff members.  This all leads up to a dynamic little group—with an average of 52 students!—spending five days a week with one another.

Art, as always, is a base on which we base much of the programming.  For instance, My Future enhances literacy by allowing youth to bring whatever story they are reading to life through clay.  By taking a story or a character or a landscape to life by using their own hands, reading becomes something more than understanding words on a page, it becomes something of themselves.  This all takes a little time, and you have to start somewhere, and today it begun with just getting youthful hands into clay

© David B. Bell 2012

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