Wild Horses of the Yakama Nation

By Tamalyn Kralman

April 27, 2012

Last Saturday the JustLiving Farm and Yakama Mission hosted Spring Horse.  Spring Horse brings amateur and professional photographers together to experience the wild horses of the Yakama Reservation and to enhance their gift by developing ongoing relationships.  These photographers give us their unique perspective of the landscape.

Spring Horse 2013: April 20

By Roger Lynn
By Roger Lynn
By Doris Steeg
By Roger Lynn
By Tamalyn Kralman
By Roger Lynn
By Roger Lynn

© David B. Bell 2012


  1. Dave, these are fabulous! ! ! Does anybody do movies? Running wild horses are SO MAJESTIC! Even in stills, but can’t get enough good movies.
    Hope to get up your way Aug or Sept. Keep U posted.
    Jimmy P


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