Spring Showers Spring Work

April 18, 2012
JustLiving Farm

No matter how prepared I think I am I seldom seem prepared enough.  As spring rains dance around sunny days, it seems another chore emerges with each drop of rain.  Much of the work is the same work that comes each spring—like spring cleaning spring chores never change.  But then there is the work you planed last fall for this spring and then there is the work you didn’t have a clue was going to crop up.  Next thing you know you have a great sunny spring day and you’ve settled on the mantra, “one thing at a time.”

No surprise every person I know who farms or ranches—small or large—and also posts on a blog or journal doesn’t post nearly as much once spring settles into their landscape.  Looking back over the years, that reality certainly has been my own and I don’t expect that to change.  As in the past, spring will probably bring on many more pictures than words.

One of the first chores this spring was to bring a fuel tank up to snuff—a new hose and nozzle and tight connections are important so fuel stays either in the tank or the tractor is a must, having the whole thing look a little better is a nice side benefit.

Now, what was the next thing I needed to get done…?

© David B. Bell 2012


    1. When writing this I often thought back to what the farm in Texas was like years ago and what the spring might have felt like growing up.


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