Spring Concert

April 10, 1012
My Future

My Future voices led our community into spring break.  The Mount Adams Choir and Mount Adams Band came together to bestow a Spring Concert upon the community.  The Mount Adams Choir, wholly made up of My Future youth, who only have two afternoons a week to practice, delivered two pieces, Grant Us Peace and Fireflies, which quieted the audience and brought forth a little community reflection.

Just under a year ago My Future Choir presented at the Mt. Adams School District late spring talent show.  Students were on edge, one during their first practice on—the first time ever—stage had to leave in mid-song because the idea of standing on stage, in front of the community, was more than she could take.  She came back and sang that evening, but what a difference a year makes!  During the spring concert, she stood up straight, looked us, the audience, in the eye and sang as if she was in charge!  The same held true for the Choir, they presented with a poise and confidence at the spring concert that wasn’t even in the auditorium at last year’s talent show.

And the audience responded!

(My Future provides Choir and Art opportunities to the youth of the Mount Adams School District thanks to your tax-deductible gift and grants.  Please be generous!)
© David B. Bell 2012

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