1033 New Holland Stackliner

March 18, 2012
JustLiving Farm

Finding the right equipment is a process that takes years, sometimes.  One such case is finding a bale wagon.  For ten years we loaded hay out of the field by hand.  Finally, we got ourselves a bale wagon which made a world of difference!  It wasn’t the best, it wasn’t just what we wanted, but it reduced a lot of the physical work…and that matters when it comes to hand loading a few thousand bales out of the field and then unloading and stacking each one again!  However, with a little more time—and the sale of a few of those bales, we went a bought another bale wagon.  It may not be just the right piece of equipment, but then this is a process that takes years, sometimes.  This is all to say, a new wagon means we must sell our first wagon…and as our first wagon headed down the road yesterday, it was good to remember just how much it changed our lives.  The video below is from last summer’s hay season.

© David B. Bell 2012

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