Spring Horse

Photographer David Biddle

March 17, 2012
My Future
Yakama Mission
JustLiving Farm

SPRING HORSE—Yakama Reservation April 21, 2012

Spring Horse is a day for anyone who wants to experience the wild as few have the opportunity.  From sunrise to sunset, you have the chance to spend a partial or full day with photographers who will help you frame a photo of wild beauty.  BUT, you do not have to be a photographer to enjoy the day!  If you are simply interested in experiencing the wild horses of the Yakama Reservation, join us!  Bring your binoculars, spotting scopes, compact cameras, DSLR cameras, whatever fits your needs.

There is no fee for the day, but donations are encouraged.  All donations go to MY FUTURE, the art-based after-school program of the Yakama Mission.

We are lucky to have five great photographers whose photo’s call for pause: David Biddle, Roger Lynn, Jeff Kent, Rebecca and Andy Lee.

Save the date of April 21 for Spring Horse and send an email to dave@justlivingfarm.org to receive further info as it becomes available and reserve a spot for the day!

Spring Horse is a collaborative opportunity provided by the Yakama Mission and JustLiving Farm—Good Spirit, Good Land, Good Food.

© David B. Bell 2012


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