Farm Kid Day!

March 12, 2012
JustLiving Farm

She moved around slowly.  Very slowly.  Every doe in the herd except her had kidded.  I had thought she would kid two days earlier and I think she thought the same, but so far, nothing.  When I arrived at the barn she moved up to the gate.  The gate led to the area where we bring mothers for a few hours after birthing.  While there, kids get a shot of selenium, iodine on their umbilical cord, and an ear tag.  I think she came to the gate because she thought if she could get in, that would induce her babies.  I opened the gate, and she slowly walked in.

It took a full day, but by the next morning the slow moving doe finally had twins, one doeling and one buckling.  Life seemed better!  After a week of birthing, every doe had a kid on the ground, and no deaths!  Which means…

FARM KID DAY!  Yep, the time has arrived for our annual workday with kids and their mothers.  This is the day when we trim mother’s hooves, give them a good brush down, and cleaned them up.  At the same time kids get tetanus shots, dehorned, and banded.  A very busy two to four hours.  Normally, we have this day on Saturday, but this year we have a Saturday workshop presentation.  So, instead, we are going with a Sunday afternoon.  If you would like to come and help (your kids and grandkids are welcome!), you are welcomed!

COME join us and other folk who support small farms!  Come and help work with the mothers and kids, walk around and learn about the farm, and sit down with us, new friends, and have homemade chili and sourdough bread!  Please call or email and let us know your coming!

March 18, 2012: 1:00pm

Join JustLiving Farm for a day of…
Care for Does and newborn Kids.
Supper of Chili & Sourdough Bread.

RSVP (509) 969-2093 or

© David B. Bell 2012


  1. Wish I was close enough. I invited some of my son’s buddies to come over when we were castrating steers – even teased about making rocky mountain oysters. Funny, none of them took me up on the invite !


      1. There was a group of us, myself included, that got grossed out when the dog dispersed a number of “oysters” around the barn yard. He was trying to play a game of pick up 🙂


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