Playing With Our Future

March 9, 2012
My Future

There is a misnomer that an after-school program like My Future only occurs after school.  Sure, the program hours are mostly after school, but time put in by staff happens at all hours and that time is not only about after school.

For instance, the Small Schools Band Festival occurred this last week.  An event where bands from small schools all come together for a day, create one large band, practice together all day, and at the end of the day perform for the community.  Events like these not only come together with the help of many people, but they serve the students of multiple programs.  This is why My Future is in partnership with the school district and other after school programs—together, much more can occur and many more can be served, than any one program can do on its own.

So, for an entire day, Belinda hung with the middle and high school band at the Grandview High School.  Youth met peers from schools across the countryside, played together—a bit rough at first, ate lunch, played together—became really good!, ate supper, and then performed for the community.  Not only did youth have the opportunity to meet and develop new friendships, they played unbelievable music together!

Sometimes it seems as if My Future is really in harmony with Our Future.

© David B. Bell 2012

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