Sunflower Snow

January 23, 2012
JustLiving Farm

I walk by them every day.  Each spring we plant more sunflowers than we will ever harvest.  This isn’t so hard, a sunflower or two will produce all the seeds we’re going to eat for a year.  We plant the rest for birds to partake during late spring and early winter.  By now, they have figured out how to get the last seed out of the flower head.  So, I walk by those stems and flower heads that were so green and yellow last summer, each day, without thinking much about them.  Then the sun came out.  With sunlight touching the snow buildup on each head the sunflowers presented a beauty that comes after life has slipped away.

© David B. Bell 2012


  1. One year, I attempted to save some flower heads for the seeds by hanging in the car garage. Never realized how many mice lived in the garage and could climb to my stored seeds 🙂 I think I supported an entire “city” that winter. At least they stayed out of the other storage boxes!


    1. You made me smile! You reminded me of the first time I put sunflower heads up in the shed. I figured they would be fine, we have two barn cats and I hadn’t seen a mouse in, well, for a year or better I think. I must have been dreaming, for it wasn’t long before seed shells were scattered all about. “Supported and entire ‘city'”…I get it! Thanks for your thoughts!


  2. You remind me how much our perspective changes from day to day and season to season if we are only receptive to the changes about us.


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