Of Exploding Pies and “Confetty”

January 03, 2012
My Future

The first day of My Future after the holidays brings a fair amount of energy.  After a two-week break youth return to the art room with a story about something that went well or something that went really bad during their time off.  Laughing almost always joined the really bad stories—there’s something about story of an exploding pumpkin pie (I still am not sure how that one happened!) or opening an oven door for a last minute check on the pheasant only to find the oven was never turned on!, that when told well grabs laughter from below furrowed eyebrows and throws it into the room.  Yet, along with the laughter, the youth came back with a creative bent.  Perhaps it was the laughter or the new story Auntie told that stretched the boundaries of reality or maybe it was a hike in the hills and the amazing sight of creek water trickling beneath ice, but whatever the case, this was a day to break a few boundaries and try something new.

Creations arise from imagination, crayons, paper, and a blow-dryer.

© David B. Bell 2011

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