Six Days Sometimes Equal Twelve

Photo by Jeff Kent (White Swan Art Instructor)

December 30, 2011
My Future

The sixth day of Christmas has me thinking about the sixth day before Christmas.  After months of practicing the My Future choir presented their first formal performance to the good people of White Swan.

The Winter concert has become quite a concert in White Swan.  It has become that because of the community’s good luck to have Mr. Chang as the school districts band instructor.  In a few short years the White Swan band has not only grown but is playing at a competitive level when school bands come together.  Due to his and the student’s hard work, the Winter and Spring concerts are not to be missed.

To have My Future invited to join a successful school event is quite an honor.  So, when youth walked up before a packed audience in the High School gym there was a fair amount of queasiness mixed with strained smiles.  Then the music began.  Voices lifted and floated, mingling with air and space, finally whispering into ear.  Time slowed, the voices of neighbors and friends embraced community, faces calmed, and ears rejoiced.  Then, as music and voice faded, the audience responded.  When no one was looking queasiness left the room, strain joined with joy, and celebrating smiles decorated singers and listeners alike.

Today is the sixth day of Christmas, but in a way, we have already enjoyed twelve days!

© David B. Bell 2011


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