Releasing Creative Self

November 26, 2011                              
My Future: Afterschool

I don’t know where I picked it up, but I’ve never let it go.  Every person is a created being and as such every person is creative.  Too often we relegate art off to the “artist” as if we do not have a creative bone in our body.  Art has become like singing—you’ve heard this before, when we were in first grade we all thought we could sing just fine and did so in class; but somewhere along the way, we become a community of adults who believe we cannot sing and do not.  The same holds true with art.  It is impossible to walk into a first grade class and not find every child having joy in releasing their creative selves (I’ve yet to meet a parent whose child has not held up a piece of paper, smile, and say something like “Look!  Look at what I’ve drawn!”  Of course the challenge is often trying to figure out just what it is they have drawn!), yet isn’t it amazing how few of us as adults pick up a pencil or crayon or wood or paint, hang out for a while, and just create without reservation.

But it is never too late.  Think about the next card or the next gift you want to give to friend or family.  I am willing to bet, if they are over eighteen-years-of age, they would love to have something of your creation done just for them!  So, grab the crayons, pull out a chunk of wood, pick up a broken limb from the yard, get the duct tape off the shelf and trust in your created creativeness!

© David B. Bell 2011

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