Metamorphosis: Walking The Line From Volunteer To Server

September 18, 2011

There are days when falling all over one another is a good thing.  Volunteers plowed their way through installing doors and trim, covered windows for interior painting, laid underlayment, and engaged in a little painting.  Having such a list of jobs going on all at once can only mean, eventually, everyone meets in the hallway.  What happens when folks trying to paint, lay underlayment, and install a door meet at the same time in the small space of hallway—each wanting to get their job done?  Relationship…and something more.  In the space of hallway, folks begin to get a glimpse of something more than volunteering.  There is a sense of change from volunteer to server.  As if one walks away from, the I feel good of volunteering, into relationship where caring for my sister and brother overwhelms and server emerges.  Who knows?  It might be my imagination, but I think, at least I choose to think, servers are sometimes born in a hallway.

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