Junior Livestock Auction Tomorrow

May 3, 2011

White Swan FFA and 4-H youth have been at the Junior Livestock show since Saturday.  Preparing stalls, weighing animals, and during the last two days showing their animals for quality of meat and showmanship.  With the auction arena setup for tomorrow’s auction, all that is left is an early rising so youth can wash and groom their animals for one final turn in the arena.

We will be there with them as the auction gets off the ground.  If we are lucky, we will walk away with enough pork to feed all the volunteers and visitors who will visit the Mission this summer!

© David B. Bell 2011

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  1. 4H auctions at the county fair are a familiar thing to me. Good luck at the auction, both you and the kids. Remind your volunteers to start early to defrost those roasts. We were a little late stating and a little short on cooking time! What a wonderful experience though to spend a week with all of you, work and all.


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