Lenten Kid’s

March 9, 2011

The last kids were born yesterday afternoon.  After three days and a good deal of our time with does and babies, there are now twenty-one kids on the ground.

Today is also Ash Wednesday.  Christian folk enter this first day of Lent in many ways.  Some take the time to have ashes placed on their foreheads on this day, the forty-sixth day before Easter.  The ashes are representative of living into a time of humility and sacrifice.  In the spirit of sacrifice, some folk make a promise to themselves to give up something they enjoy during the time of Lent as a way to express the hardship of living life that matters.

Three days of birthing has given doe mother’s twenty-one babies.  Twenty-five were born, four never made it to their second day of life.  Whether we are a Lenten people or not, it seems fair to remember life in the landscape of this world is a gift, and living into that realization with humility, matters.

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