Wind, Fire, and the Mystery of Returning Home

February 13, 2011

Overwhelming seems a word to describe the wind.  Beginning around yesterday’s noon, the wind began rolling down the Cascades eastern slope.  By three in the afternoon, the wind speed reached tree-blowing-over strength.  Also by three folks were evacuated from White Swan as the wind blew fire from west to east through town. Folks watched from a distance.  The wind did not let off until late in the night and few were able to enter town until this morning.  So, with the morning sunrise, people return home after living the night in Longhouse and Red Cross shelters.  Some already know what they are returning too, others wonder.

Prayers, silence, reflection, contemplation for the people of White Swan are all appropriate on this overwhelming morning.


  1. The LA Times reported on the Yakama fire. (Page A38) Your photo shows the force of the winds. Hope everyone is safe.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your community.


    1. Prayers are great! It now looks like early this afternoon folks will be allowed back into town. Now it is all about cleaning up the hot-spots and getting power returned to homes and businesses.


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