Why Not Invite Everyone to The Meal?

January 29, 2011

There are mornings when the cold fog settles in so tight you can almost feel ice floating in the air.  Walking to the barn on mornings like this you wonder why the animals, why the daily feeding?  More times than not the answer is simple and perhaps a little selfish, you feed because it lifts the spirit.  Sometimes feedings raises the spirit of five thousand.  Other times spirit slips through the arena of open table grace.  Once in a while though, spirit flings open arms and cries from top of the fence post to relax, eat, and be well as one created family.  Such mornings are like having a birthday.  Everyone—preparers, servers, eaters—are welcomed to share the meal.


  1. David, I enjoy your writing very much. Your descriptions make me feel I am actually there breathing the icy air and feeding the animals. Thanks and God bless.


    1. Thanks so much Bill! Today the sun came out. Which plays that game of making it feel warmer while the air is colder! Take good care…


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