Advisory Farm Day

November 28, 2010

Belinda and I would like to invite you to an Advisory Farm Day at the JustLiving Farm on January 08, 2011.  During our time together, we will discuss the farms focus for the next twelve months.  This day is open to all who are interested in having input about what the farm produces, sells, and gives away.

Farming sustainably means listening closely to the needs of our neighbors and friends.  Your needs and desires are our needs and desires.  For instance, if your needs for this year is grass-fed pork, rather than grass-fed beef, then we need to consider raising hogs rather than beef;  Or if you are looking for horseradish as a bitter herb for Passover Seder then we want to have our Rabbi friend help us make sure our facilities are kosher;  Or if you know a person, a family, or an organization whom we might help by way of what we grow or raise, we want your insight.

Our current list of discussion items (and thoughts) are:

Eggs—should we maintain our current level of chickens, increase or decrease.

Beef and Hogs—our plans are to raise a few beef and maybe a hog or two.  Is there an interest in grass-fed animals?

Beans—we’ve gone through our first try with dry beans and have learned a lot.  Is there interest in dry sustainable beans?

Hay—we are planning to place roughly ten more acres into production.  Where is the greater demand for sustainable hay—grass or alfalfa?

Field Days and Workshops—this last year we had a Spring Field Day for Children, a two-day Writers Retreat, a Blessing of the Animals in the fall, and a three-day winter Bread and Culture Retreat.  Are there workshops, retreats or celebrations you are interested in attending or presenting?

Our time for conversation is 11:00am until 1:00pm, including lunch.  If you are interested in arriving early, we will have a two-hour walk starting at 9am, which will cover a part of the landscape the farm influences and which influences the farm.  The walk is 2-4 miles, so please dress warmly, wear boots, and prepare for mud or snow.

We look forward to seeing you!  Please RSVP ( if you are coming for “LUNCH” or “WALK AND LUNCH” so we can prepare adequately and hospitably.

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