Putting the Horse Away Wet

November 16, 2010

Most everyone who has spent time around horses knows there is a problem putting the horse away wet.  The rest of us probably know it from watching an old show where a youngster or a tenderfoot learns the lesson they will never forget when they put the horse away wet.  Everyone has some understanding to the reason it happens; the end of the day comes along, you’ve done two days work in one and you’re just wore out.  To get out and get that one last thing done seems impossible.  With an animal, you have no choice but to wipe and curry them down.  With equipment, well, it is much easier to walk away.

It isn’t so much that I walked away from the swather as it was I got it oiled and greased after the last cutting then put away.  Enough done if there was another cutting in the next few weeks, but not enough if it were to be put away for the winter.  Luckily, the weather has warmed up for few days.  So, we pulled the swather up to the shed yesterday and cleaned the alfalfa and grass out of the nooks and crannies.  In a number of places, seed had already sprouted and plants beginning to make their presence known, which led to washing everything down.  Next the knives, rollers, chains and belts were inspected, adjusted, and oiled.

Putting the swather away for the winter isn’t the same as putting a horse away after a long ride.  However, doing both thoughtfully helps lead to either being ready for the next ride.

© David B. Bell 2010

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