Whose Story should We Listen To?

September 24, 2010

This morning the full moon reflects white from the sun while at the same moment the mountain’s snow reflects peach colors from the rising sun.  Two massive forms of creation speak two stories of the same light rolling over the eastern horizon.  I find it curious and good how the created birds, mountains, wind, and deer can experience the same sun yet have much different experiences.

Hay holds many experiences these days.  With rain on and off over the last three weeks everyone is trying to find the right time to cut, dry, bale, and load hay out of the fields.  To get hay off a field without any rain has been near impossible.  This holds true for us.  We did not cut all the fields at once, but left a gap hoping some would be harvested without rain.  Didn’t happen.  Instead we found ourselves picking up the early cutting hay yesterday, which had caught rain last week, as the sky over the southern ridge spoke of rain.  As we loaded one bale after the next onto the flatbed trailer, the clouds deepened and soon there was little doubt we would hear rain soon.

As we backed a full trailer into the barn, rain began to fall.  Our hope was a light sprinkle that could easily dry the next day.  There rain said a little more than we cared for.  This morning, though, I wonder who listened to the same rain and heard a song of joy, or wonderment, or laughter?  I imagine grass roots and rain danced yesterday.  Perhaps the local mallards in the creek sang along.  I wonder if this morning’s relationship between the mountain, moon, and sun call for another hearing of rain.  Might be, it is best to put my own story off to the side for a moment and take the time to hear or at least imagine other stories creation might tell of yesterday’s rain.

© David B. Bell 2010

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