Finding creative calmness in the Labyrinth

September 2, 2010

Leading up to a wedding, it doesn’t hurt to search for and find a little calmness.  Weddings have their own way of creating energy unlike any other.  This energy doesn’t only arise within those emotionally close to the event, like the spouses to be, but also those who physically come within proximity of the ground on which marriage has its first blessing.  It is an energy heard in the voice, observed in the distant look of an eye or the placement of feet in a conversation, and felt in the touch of a hand on ones shoulder.  It isn’t bad energy, but rather more like the dragged up energy of shuffling feet across carpet shocking both sender and receiver bringing both surprise and laughter.  This energy only gets better with thought, reflection, and inner calmness.  One way to bring greater richness to such energy is through walking the labyrinth.

The labyrinth is an ancient way of walking into wholeness.  Unlike a maze, the labyrinth is not a walk of problem solving.  Rather the labyrinth walk gathers up the walker’s creative center and allows it to flow throughout the body, promoting reflection and spiritual wellbeing.  Ones intuition molds imagery allowing the walkers energy to spark reflection and calmness.  Because there is only one path, one way to the center and one way out, the labyrinth allows for a spiritual journey by centering ones energy.  Walking the labyrinth brings focus, but unlike focusing the lens of a camera, this is like looking at a pebble in a clear flowing stream—all that matters, the pebble, the water, the reflection of the sun, thought, and observation are keenly in focus, yet clarity is found in the art of one’s intuition.  Somewhere in the midst of artful clarity arises calmness which enriches the energy one brings to the labyrinth walk.

So it is with weddings in the air and the search for a little calmness the first labyrinth is mowed into a pasture.

© David B. Bell 2010

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