Venus south of Pahto

August 19, 2010

Venus is just to the south of Pahto and even with her peak when I shut down the tractor and finished baling for the evening.  Forty bales of Alfalfa and about the same of orchard grass sat in the field in the moonlight as the tractor and baler wound down.  Stars, moon, and planets help give a magical feel to the air as I walked from the field to the house.  A wonderful way to end the day.

Today, though, with nearly a hundred bales in the field it is time to pick them up and stack them for the winter.  Our charity for the month is Noah’s Ark homeless shelter in Wapato.  Anyone who would like to help move bales from the field to the stack is welcome to come by (please call first) and help.  We will donate $.75 for every bale (the cost of having someone pick up bales) picked up and stacked to Noah’s Ark.

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