Hay Bales for the Homeless

August 1, 2010

Tomorrow evening we are baling hay.  Of course, once the hay is baled someone must pick it up out of the field and stack it.  Normally we have someone come to the farm with a bale wagon and mechanically pick up and stack each bale.  Great on our backs, but it does cost us money.

Now, here is our incredible offer to you!  If we can get a group of folks to the farm Tuesday evening to help load bales out of the field and stack them, then we will donate 75 cents to Noah’s Ark for every bale stacked!  (Noah’s Ark is the only homeless shelter in the entire lower valley.  Donations are hard to come by these days and it is important to make sure they are around come winter when the temperatures are in the single digits!)  That means other than the cost of tractor time, all the money we normally pay someone to ease the strain on our backs will go to the homeless of the lower valley!

So, here’s the deal.  We will begin at 6pm Tuesday evening loading bales.  Eat well before you come and bring some fruit, drink, desert, etc.  We’ll then load bales.  After we’re all done we’ll sit in the cool evening breeze, admire our work, congratulate one another on making a donation possible, have some desert and watch the sun set!

We need to make sure we have enough people to make this a go.  Email me at dave@justlivingfarm.org and let me know you are coming.  If enough folks email by 7pm Monday evening we’re on for Tuesday evening.  If not, we will give it another try with the next cutting.  In either case, I will let everyone who responds know what is going on with a Tuesday morning email.

I hope you can make it!

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