A Park Salamander

Fort Simcoe state park is one of the fieldtrips we take each year through the Summer Fun Program.  Each year the kids complain they already know what’s going to happen and it’s going to be boring.  This year was no different.

However, like years in the past, as soon as they hit the ground after getting off the bus they ran to the raspberry bush.  They picked a lot of raspberries!  Next, we all took the tour of the park.  They were close to boredom, but near the end of the tour we stopped at a pond, and where Jacob found a salamander!  The kids were amazed and each little boy wanted one of his own!  In the end, we decided to put it back where we found it.  A day at the park always ends up good!

Janet Garcia: Summer Fun Program Intern


  1. My sons came home one day after a long walk and brought a salamander (newt) home…..and I remember saying—-you are going to take it back to the pond you found him in right now……(very sternly)….

    So your story reminded me of how excited my own sons were at there discovery…..and my total meltdown….knowing that I had to break it down—newts are cute, but not pets…..

    Keep up the good work, and by the way, kids would really rather be in a messy pond, or a creek–over video games the problem is most times….the kids dont get the opportunity!


  2. Isn’t it funny that those moment we melt down over are often our first and best memories? Having sons and salamander forever tied to one another is a beautiful and wonderful moment to hold on to. Thanks for a morning smile and a push to walk the creek myself today!


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