Growing Up

This job has allowed me to meet many kids and some I have gotten to know very well.  It has been amazing seeing the kids faces as they arrive on the first day, and it’s unbelievable how grown up they are.  It seems like not long ago the kids in my group were only going into kindergarten, and now they are going into fifth grade.  It has been so incredible watching these kids grow up, sometimes I forget that they are not the little kids that needed help reading, or doing things normally left for the older kids.  For example when Neil and Roger, which have been coming to the summer fun program since they were five, asked to fill up a three gallon water jug , I told them it was too heavy for them and they said, “Just let us try.”  I couldn’t believe those kids were able to do it all on their own.  Now as I watch Wilma and Ann, today’s kindergarteners, I can’t help but wonder how much their personality will change in the few years ahead.

Janet Garcia: Summer Fun Program Intern

[Janet has lived the Summer Fund Program for twelve years!  She showed up the first day of the program all those years ago and has returned every summer.  Janet has gone from participant to interning for the Mission for the last three summers!]

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  1. Janet, you too have grown and matured as you have shared in this amazing program over these twelve years! It is great to see you first as a participant, then being able to be an intern and being able to give to so many what you have received and appreciated in your growing up. What a strong testimony. Keep up your leadership skills and gift-giving. You are a blessing!


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