Sudan Grass and Water

June 18, 2010

Summer solstice is just a few days away and morning sunrise is still seeing temperatures in the mid-forties.

Today we are planning to plant a few acres of Sudan grass.  These acres are lacking in organics and are a bit high in alkali.  Sudan does okay in alkali ground (not great but okay) and grows quickly.  Over the course of the summer we’re thinking we might take one cutting of grass and then turn the next growth into the ground to increase organic content.

To water the grass, though, we need to assemble two more lengths of wheeline.  Yesterday we pulled two lengths of pipe and two wheels out of the grass and weeds and started to put them together.  These are old lines and most everything needed replacing.  Some parts were on hand and others meant a trip to town.  We now have everything we need (I hope) and expect to finish the lines today.

Plant grass and start water, not a bad way to live out the day.

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