Weeds and Flowers: Is there really a Difference?

What I am about to say in this sentence is not going to be exciting, profound, or inspirational but in fact, something most humans know; children are difficult.  Especially children you have not grown up with or raised and don’t know all the traits and characteristics of.

For the past three days, I have been active in the Summer Program at the Log Church and have been learning how to work with thirty children from different homes, situations, and with entirely different personalities.  I’ve had to deal with many situations that have frustrated me and upset me because I didn’t yet know how to handle what was happening.

Today was hump day and I could already feel the stress of it weighing me down.  I had just tried to console an angry four-year old who ended up just needing a minute alone.  I walked back to the board game area and sat down for a minute and then felt a light tapping on my arm and turned around to see the little four-year old girl duck down her head and quietly apologize.  Then she pushed something in my hand which turned out to be a handful of flowers.  I was shocked and enthralled!  I know I’m here to be a leader and to avoid trying to be the best friend of all the kids, but can we be honest?  Most people want to be liked regardless of any age group or job position.  When the other children saw how happy that made me, they started running around the playground picking more flowers, which slowly turned to weeds, which eventually became small branches.

I needed this little moment of pure childhood love.  This summer will be stressful and possibly some tears but I can keep my flowers (I had to dispose of the larger pointier ones) until they die and keep one in my journal, and remember what this summer is about.

(One other awesome thing that came from this; the church got a little free weeding done!)

Frannie McNally: Disciples Volunteer

[Frannie McNally is interning at the Mission this summer through the Office of Disciples Volunteering.  Disciples volunteering interns are spread around the country this summer helping in many places of need.  For more information on how you or someone you know might become a Disciples Volunteer see http://www.discipleshomemissions.org/pages/Volunteering%5D


  1. Frannie, thank you so much for the gift of your experience with the children and receiving the gift the little four-year old girl gave to you.
    How true – it is so often that a child reaches out and touches us in that deep place that longs to be watered with the joy of unconditional love.
    How true – “a little child shall lead them.”
    How true – “unless we become as little children …”
    Again, thanks for giving me this gift.
    Marvin Eckfeldt, Kent, WA


  2. Miss Frannie,

    I’m glad you’re having an amazing, insightful time.
    I hope it’s filled with many more flowery revelations.


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