Morning Images

Two images imprinted on my mind from the mornings drive into the Mission.  Twenty or so farm workers in a 120-acre asparagus field.  Most hunched over shoving the knife into the ground cutting one plant after the next as quickly as possible.  Bundled against the early morning weather, many have plastic garbage bags with a hole cut in the bottom slipped over their head for protection against the rain.  Each person is moving fast, but slow and methodical through the field.  A taste of asparagus.

A white pickup sits just beyond the fence.  A man is closing the gate behind the truck.  Hat pulled down tight against the weather.  Heavy jacket as well, his shoulders are hunched up as he slides the gate latch into place.  Across the yard stands the home with a large picture window.  Inside the home, standing on the windowsill is a little girl, in a dress, smiling, with arm extended, full palm facing her father, waving for all she’s worth.

© David B. Bell 2010

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