Extended Fence

April 13, 2010

This coming Saturday is “Nursery Day.”  This is day when we welcome families to the farm.  On this day grandparents, parents, and children have the opportunity to be family and hang out with baby and mamma goats, and pet and brush them.  During a hayride around the farm folks have the chance to learn a little about the farm and the soil, plants, water, and non-domestic animals that make the farm home.  With a mid-day dinner and a piñata to finish out the 10am-3pm day, we expect to have a lot of fun.

Of course, there is always something new to get done for an event that everyone seemed okay doing without before, but now is important!  This time, we extended a fence off the end of the barn to allow animals to enjoy a field a little better during the day.  A half day of digging, setting post, and nailing up new rails, and one edge of the field is fenced better than ever.

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