Water, Mud, and Digging

April 7, 2010

The wheel lines were finished yesterday.  Sprinklers, levelers, and gaskets are in and ready for water.  This led to greasing the pump, checking line for winter damage, and starting the pump.  Everything went great until water started flowing—not such a good time for a problem!  I like to think I have a good handle on piping and most of the time there isn’t a problem, not so this time around.  I had broken into the mainline to run a lateral when I added to the mainline a while back.  Well, right there, the ground began to boil and water started to flow freely out of the ground as if it were a little artesian well.

You can imagine where that leaves me this morning.  I’ve hooked up the flatbed trailer to the truck and I am off to rent a backhoe for the day.  A little digging, a lot of mud, and a bit of fixing pipe is ahead.  Oh well, great sunrise this morning!

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