Wheel Line

April 6, 2010

We’ve begun adding six more lengths of wheel line to our water system.  We are going to add a few acres this year in Hard Red Spring Wheat, Emmer, and about a half-acre in dry beans—thus the need for more waterline.  The wheels and lines are out in one of the areas we keep from farming.  Near an irrigation ditch, this area has been a stand of willows with bushes and grasses long before we arrived.  The willows provide great habitat for quail and songbirds, we don’t need the soil to survive, so we couldn’t come up with a good reason to change it.  The plus is we can also store quite a bit of stuff out among the willows and bushes and have them hidden from sight (Good to know that unless I need a piece of metal, miscellaneous iron isn’t pretty to look at.  Unlike my brother-in-law who welds and thinks it’s the greatest stuff in the world!).  We packed out six sets of wheels and 4” aluminum line pipe to the shop for assembly.  We got most of it assembled and just need a few sprinklers to wrap it up.

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