Auction Planters

March 29, 2010

Friday, Belinda, Katherine, and I had the opportunity to hook up with Jill and David from RicOrganic, an organic Latino/a farming co-op, at an auction in Toppenish.  I had previewed the auction the day before and found John Deere seed planters that were to be auctioned on Friday.  I knew the co-op needed planters to plant corn this spring—corn was all hand planted last year, which worked just fine, but also tired everyone out.  I also figured that if RicOrganic were able to attain the planters, we at JustLiving Farm might just be able to borrow them for planting beans this spring (Yes, sometimes I seem altruistic, but when you get below the surface, like many other folk…it is just a little about me!).

Auctions are best when they are a social event.  Having David and Jill at the auction made it that way for Belinda, Katherine and I, but more so, because it was a local auction, there were many folk whom the four of us knew and conversation and laughter was abundant.  Yet while socializing is fun and important, it is even better when the auctioneer said, “sold!” and RicOrganic walked away with four seed planters within budget.

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