Spring Break

March 24, 2010

Spring Break.  If you’re a student, these two words have quite an impact.  If you’re us at the farm they have a large impact as well.

Three youth and two adults from First Christian Church, Salem, OR, visited the farm yesterday.  During their visit we had the opportunity to talk a little about where food comes from.  During this time we talked about why our neighbors and us raise food the way we do.  And we talked a little about how they impact the preparation of the soil, and the treatment of plants and animals during growth.  Then we worked.

Five people can get a lot done compared to one!  The nursing barn was pitch forked, raked clean and a new layer of straw throughout.  The mainline is now laid down, glued, and backfilling begun.  In a few short hours, what would have take days is completed, well.

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