Chicken Coop

March 06, 2010

We started expanding the chicken coop yesterday.  There has been plenty of space for the few chickens on the place.  More space though would both allow for a few more chickens while increasing the space per chicken during the winter months.

We keep the chickens cooped up more during the winter season than the other three.  Winter means less food (gophers, moles, voles, etc.) running around on the fringes of the farm, which means the local coyote comes closer to the house and barn.  Since the space around the house and barn is open and accessible, should the coyote come close enough, the chickens are a little safer fenced off.  We had a good start today.  Let’s see how long this little project takes!

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  1. Dave,
    Yesterday my family and I took a “Chicken Coop Tour” of Corvallis. One family had a 2 story coop with a play structure on the top for children. Living on the fringe of Corvallis, the owner said they have been dealing with racoons, coyote, bobcat and cougar trying to get at the chickens.

    Have fun!


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