How do I say this?

Poop.  There are really other words I would rather use, but I am only comfortable with them in company I know.  And then each company I am in determines the word I would rather use.  Today, poop sounds appropriate.

There has been a lot of poop lately.  At the JustLiving Farm we are quickly remembering younger mothers don’t always do a good job of cleaning the backend of their kids all the time.  So, we do it for them when we are out in either the morning or evening.  It isn’t critical, the kids will live regardless.  But their life is a little better and we feel a lot better.

At the Mission, poop has been a little bit everywhere.  The septic system plugged up from one end to the other.  Plugged up septic systems are something special and they don’t clean-out as easy as wiping the butt of a kid goat.  My fear is that the system went into place in 1954 and any system that old isn’t a likely choice for reclamation.  Of course, there isn’t anything in the budget to have the work done.  But then what choice does one have?—No summer programming is going to happen without a septic system!

With the cost of a new septic system running around in the back of my head, I called the folks who bring us outhouses every year for our events.  Bill said, “no problem,” we will be out tomorrow and check it out and am sure we can get it all together.  Well, all I can say is he has more faith than I do!

Sure enough they were out in the morning.  They spent the day doing their thing…they rodded and probed, dug and cleaned and pumped, fixed a little pipe, and covered it all back up again.  And what do you know?  Folks can poop again.  Ya, it cost $650.00, but what can you say?—it is nice to see water swirling round and round down the bowl!

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