Beloved Identity

Grasping one’s identity is never easy in today’s systemic market driven world.  Anyone who is tied to a cherished institution, like a church, synagogue, or mosque, knows the institution, to some extent, shapes their identity.  When one’s relationship with an institution becomes generational, the shaping of identity is all the greater.  More so, institutions shape family and community... Continue Reading →

Misshaping Created Identity

There are many reasons to remember, tell stories, teach, and learn history.  Of them all, one, is to learn the mistakes of our parents.  For therein lies the why of who we are.  To know their mistakes does not negate their gifts or strong points.  Rather, they allow us to understand our own better. Those who live in the... Continue Reading →

Civilizing & Christianizing

Disciple’s theology trended toward a nationalistic identity from the beginning.  However, if we were to choose a defining moment when theology and nationalism became one, it would lie in the moment when Disciples voted to open a Boarding School on the Yakama Reservation.  In 1919, at the International Convention in Cincinnati, we Disciples approved monies to the American... Continue Reading →

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